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Strategic Planning


Why is strategic planning important?


Strategic plans are key to business success, they will move the business from a starting position to achieve your aims for the future. The plan should take the organisations perceived strengths and encompass any external possibilities or investments in to the future operation.


Strategic planning is the process of writing a plan for the next 3-5 years, using external data and knowledge and giving each high level opportunity a set of overarching actions, building a roadmap with deadlines and a tactical or action plan by each dept/function/senior leader to be reviewed at least quarterly. Every year a business should adopt the same process to identify the new starting position and plans for the future, this will ensure the business gains momentum and make progress.

At Delivering Differently, I will introduce you to a 5 step framework to support each business to set the future strategy. This is tried and tested in many different size organisations and creates ownership and a plan fit to support the objectives and investments. 

Step 1     State of play

Step 2     Creating the vision

Step 3     Build

Step 4     Implement

Step 5     Review

This framework can be used each year to create a new roadmap and build future strategic direction.

What if you don't have a strategic plan?

A plan that only focuses on internal areas of improvement will create internal strengths, however quite often a plan does not create the long term view of external opportunities to grow and gain market share and demonstrate your competitive advantage within your sector.

We have to grow to just stand still, your competitors can quickly take your market! A strategic plan will ensure you focus on the future.

Benefits of working with Delivering Differently

  • Individual service guaranteed, challenge to understand your unique opportunities

  • Bespoke planning service to suit your business and people

  • Simple and plain language to grow your strategic thinking processes

  • Knowledge and experience in many sectors/businesses

  • Strategic planning  within your timescales and priorities

Each session was clear, well planned and pitched perfectly for our understanding. Karen was responsive to our needs, our rate of understanding and never patronised or moved too quickly. Her approach is organised and succinct, we had to move through the stages relatively quickly on zoom calls but at no point did we feel out of our depth. Sue Davison Foundation Futures 

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