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All work is conducted on a day rate however packages can be discussed

Outline of a client journey; design and implement a 5 year strategic plan

  • Alignment meeting to understand business requirements, culture and growth objectives

  • Examine current strategic plans and discuss 5 phase approach

  • Include any relevant parties (Senior Managers etc) where appropriate

  • Commence with 8 planned sessions and expectations to complete thinking and prep outside of sessions.

  • Build the plans

  • Deliver and communicate to wider team

  • Work with the business on a daily basis for a period of time

  • Look to exit the business once work is complete

  • Assess benefits over first year

Outline of a client journey; change behaviours within a group of leaders

  • Alignment meeting to understand business requirements, culture and objectives

  • Examine the people agenda and culture in more detail

  • Engage with leaders, identify needs and run framework to understand development strengths

  • Create a bespoke package for a business that delivers the requirements and needs of the individuals

  • Work with each leader 1:1 observing in role and giving feedback, group sessions where multi needs are to be addressed with a balance of virtual and face to face sessions. Deliver benefits and give feedback to organisation

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