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Example packages listed - all work is bespoke!

Outline of a client journey; design and implement a 5 year strategic plan

  •  Alignment meeting to understand business requirements, culture and growth objectives

  • Examine current strategic plans and discuss 5 phase approach

  • Include any relevant parties (Senior Managers etc) where appropriate

  • Commence with 8 planned sessions and expectations to complete thinking and prep outside of sessions.

  • Build the plans

  • Deliver and communicate to wider team

  • Assess benefits over first year

Outline of a client journey; change behaviours within a group of leaders

  •  Alignment meeting to understand business requirements, culture and objectives

  • Examine the people agenda and culture in more detail

  • Engage with leaders, identify needs and run framework to understand development strengths

  • Create a bespoke package for a business that delivers the requirements and needs of the individuals

  • Work with each leader 1:1 observing in role and giving feedback, group sessions where multi needs are to be addressed with a balance of virtual and face to face sessions. Deliver benefits and give feedback to organisation

Exec Team & Senior Leaders coaching package

Initial 2 hour session to build understanding and align our ways of working

Usually 6 x 90 min sessions

These can be online or face to face (online only during the pandemic)


Mentoring Senior Leaders and Execs

6 months of support and mentorship face to face and online (online only during the pandemic)

Initial 2 hour session to build understanding and align our ways of working

2 x 2 hour weekly mentoring workshop for 3 months 

1 x 2 hour monthly mentoring workshop x 3 months


Building company strategic plans

5 phase approach with teamwork completed between sessions

2 hour session x 8 to build a transformational strategy


Team development packages

Build a bespoke course for your business to deliver key objectives in leadership, strategic thinking, planning and time management and other key behavioural competencies with an individual competency framework analysis per person.

Please discuss your needs and goals - I will work with you to deliver the right material to change behaviour. I also work part face to face and remotely to deliver all sessions.

Costs depend on size of team and course requirements - give me a call to discuss.

Team coaching

Usually 6 sessions working with the Senior Leader/Exec

Understand the dynamics, issues give feedback and create solutions with the team to build a solid functional team for the future. Complete diagnostic reviews

Starting from £3k depending on size of team, hours required and requirements to deliver change

Day rate work is undertaken - please call to discuss rates 

Contracts outside of North East England are welcome

Individual rates can be agreed