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Leadership and Team Development

What is the difference between leadership and management?

Leaders motivate the team; managers plan tasks

Leadership - EI (emotionally intelligent)

  • People orientated, every action demonstrates an interest in people

  • Leveraging team skills

  • Inspirational and motivational

  • Creates the vision for the team and develops followers

  • Asks lots of questions/coaching style

  • Pull approach

Management - IQ (intelligence quotient)

  • Task orientated

  • Focus on skills, processes and methods

  • Enjoys a plan and ticking the box when task complete

  • Telling style "need to do"

  • Push approach

It is important to have the ability to use both styles however leadership creates a team, an army who want to follow because they are encouraged to own the solutions to problems and can operate at their best. No team or individual has ever asked to be micromanaged!

Benefits of working with Delivering Differently.

  • A diagnostic and impartial view of current skill base

  • A bespoke and practical 1-1 senior leadership programme which can also be targeted at mid-managers

  • A competency framework to aid development and challenge

  • Coaching and mentoring approach to either virtual or face-to-face meetings

  • IMPACT course for groups of aspiring leaders - tailored to your business needs quickly and easily

Karen is a highly driven, highly personable high achiever and has a rare ability to see practical solutions in complex situations. Great to work with someone so passionate about the business and the people who make it real Richard Houlton Marketing & Digital Director

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