Executive Business Coach and Mentor 

“Anything is possible”

What are the differences between coaching and mentoring?

Coaching can be in 1-1 or in groups on particular topics or goals. Coaching allows the client to own the issue, consider their options and deliver the actions whilst being held accountable for delivery. Coaching tends to be for a shorter period of time, a number of defined sessions is usually agreed as part of the contract. The coach will challenge the client as part of the questioning and identify any barriers for progress.

Mentoring uses skills & knowledge of one person to benefit another, by sharing previous actions & discussing solutions the client uses the experience of the other to consider options and actions to make progress. This relationship is usually for a longer period and where one person has knowledge of the same industry or role at a more senior level.


Why have a business coach?


The simple answer is: development!

Coaching is a non-directive form of development for a senior leader in an organisation, it is often the case that by focusing on others we forget about ourselves!

Coaching can help you work through your own issues, topics and problems: a good coach will not answer the questions for you, merely pose questions to enable you to think and with the clarity gained help you make the right decisions for your business and the people in your teams. This can be related to your own development, strategy or operational complexities

Business Transformation 

"Find a way”

There is always a way to improve, be more effective or simplify the complexities of business – this will either make you more efficient allowing other tasks to be completed for the same cost or reduce the cost by becoming more effective in how the time is used.

· Leadership – creating a culture of trust, ownership and accountability

· Feedback – an honest and productive way of working at all levels

· Commercial organisational structure – how the hierarchy of an organisation gives clarity to encourage responsibilities within teams or people

· Conference management (10 – 700 delegates) – communicate your strategy and key messages, create memorable moments and invest in your team.

· Meeting culture – change the culture of meetings to grow time in diaries and more time to get stuff done!

· Continuous improvement – you don’t need an agile consultant to tell you how to improve! The team can work together with a facilitator and a process flow to simplify ways of working, identify risks and create their own change cycle.

· Team building – having teams that understand each other’s work and complexities and finding ways of supporting each other creates a great working environment. Team ownership workshops deliver and when long term strategy is communicated the team feel a part of the bigger picture. Getting to know you days are great however this doesn’t always deliver back in the workplace!

Implementation and Project Management

“Make it happen!”


How many times have you seen an organisation spend £000’s on a change management project only for it to not deliver, nothing changes and the teams revert quickly to old ways of working? Once, twice – more?


· I believe it is important to lead change with senior stakeholders, always onboarding and supporting the middle management team to ensure delivery at all levels of a team. Change management models are helpful to support the initial stages of change however leadership and accountability will drive the change process to operational best practice and business as usual.

· Prince 2 experience is used to manage projects and often with a blend of agile methodology to keep the progress on track using road maps effectively.

· With 5+ years of expertise in implementation and project planning at a senior level and with operational knowledge, I can ensure your project truly delivers change in your organisation

Registered Office: Victoria House, Bondgate Within,

Alnwick, Northumberland NE66 1TA

Registered in England & Wales No: 12068096

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