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Cultural Transformation


What is a company culture?

Simply, it is the personality of a company!


The beliefs and behaviours that determine how people in a business interact, how tasks and work is done. The culture creates the internal and external identity. It can be implied and not expressly defined, it can develop organically over time from the founders, Exec Team or people employed within the organisation. Interesting to note there can be sub-cultures within an organisation, this can be a set of different behaviours in smaller teams.

Why is culture important?

It sets expectations for how employees behave and work together, how they function as a team. It guides decision making, how risk is managed and can improve people's performance. It sets boundaries between teams and leads to success and health of a business and the employees. Core values should guide your people and the culture should align with your mission to help create a strong people focussed culture. Additions to create an engaging culture inc praise and recognition with a good perks and benefits package. 

Benefits of a positive culture.

  1. Positive employee engagement

  2. Improved retention rates (advocates)

  3. Improved pool of candidates applying for roles

  4. Overall employee satisfaction

  5. Transforms a company in to a team

56% of people rank company culture as more important than compensation!

Benefits of working with Delivering Differently.

  • Identify the culture within your organisation and take action

  • A planned approach and supported training to transform the organisation

  • Challenge and regular progress reviews 

  • Exec Team support and development coaching/mentoring

  • Putting people and culture on the agenda

Karen is absolute powerhouse of a human!! Inspirational, grounded and full of knowledge. Awesome person, if you’ve not worked with Karen, you need to start now.  Kayleigh Fazan, Founder The International Retail Academy

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