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Karen Williamson
Director of
Delivering Differently 

For many years I was caught up in the corporate wheel of working too many hours, more nights on a hotel pillow than my own and focusing on the next promotion. At that time, I was a single mum of an amazing son and I had to provide for us, I thank my lucky stars I had many strengths and people around me who brought the best out in me to gain those promotions. In February 2017 I met a wonderful man who was to become my husband and my life started to change. In January 2018 I was given an opportunity to leave that world behind me, I believe that if a door is yours to open you will find a way! My passion to help by developing people, creating self-sufficient teams and supporting business improvement to achieve growth is what drives me every day – I get so much personal pleasure from this that I believe I have now found a way of linking my passion and business to support others. I have a few phrases that have served me and my teams well over the years.

  • Anything is possible

  • We can find a way

  • Make it happen/get stuff done

My greatest sense of pride is from the individuals who have developed in to great leaders and had wonderful experiences in roles that they believed were beyond them, the people whom I have coached and mentored who have delivered superb results with their team beside them and my legacy for organisation, leadership and people management

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