Karen Williamson

Karen Williamson

Director of

Delivering Differently 

About Delivering Differently

Delivering Differently is founded on strong values of honesty, trust, respect, integrity and pride, and all work is delivered with these ethics at the heart of everything I do. I have a strong belief that personal wellbeing matters in the workplace, people should feel that their performance is important and their contribution is valued and equally not giving your best is not acceptable! Personal and team development is important if the business is aiming to grow, identifying the skill gaps and finding bespoke and practical development at all levels is critical to ongoing success.

My leadership experience is vast inc. remote global teams, head office teams and SMEs. My background is in sales and operational delivery within very large private corporations and private equity business. I have more than 30 years of business experience at a Director/senior level to scale your business and ensure growth. I have worked with some great companies and have included some case studies to demonstrate the improvement that can be achieved by working together.

Why choose Delivering Differently? 

  • I am a qualified member of ILM (Institute of Leadership/Management) 

  • Associate member of the Association of Coaches

  • NED (Non-Exec Director)

  • Trustee for Foundation Futures Charity /CIC

  • Qualified coach/mentor (ILM level 7 certificate for Senior Leaders and Exec's) with ongoing CPD and supervision