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We began working with Karen on our Strategic Plan during lockdown as we felt this was the ideal time to spend time planning the future of our education charity, being specialist teachers, not business people Karen had to take us through the process from a standing start.

Each session was clear, well planned and pitched perfectly for our understanding. Karen was responsive to our needs, our rate of understanding and never patronised or moved too quickly. Her approach is organised and succinct, we had to move through the stages relatively quickly on zoom calls but at no point did we feel out of our depth. 

Karen was on hand throughout with quick responses to any additional questions and we all felt energised by her enthusiasm and challenges. We would recommend Delivering Differently to any organisation, big or small. Her strengths lie in her ability to gauge the capacity of her clients, her open, friendly but business like approach. We always felt in very safe hands and now look forward to the clear path ahead. Sue Davison Foundation Futures 

"Karen came on board to help Picsolve with delivery of a deceptively complex project – Rolling out new HR technology across the global Picsolve portfolio. Karen’s experience meant she quickly identified the challenges that included: language barriers, integration with existing systems, operational change management and of course benefit realisation. Over the course of 12 months Karen combined her exceptional project management skills, operational nous and natural problem-solving abilities to keep everything on track. We now have sites in 11 countries across Europe, USA and Asia using standardised systems to plan, manage, optimise and pay our retail employees that is delivering YoY productivity improvements – Thank you Karen! Robert Cowell -Managing Director"

"I first met and worked with Karen when she was employed to manage a significant change assignment at Picsolve, where I was a member of the senior leadership team. I was impressed by her business expertise, communication style and ability to manage a difficult combination of business stakeholders. Karen's style earns respect and trust very quickly. She gets things done. More recently, Karen has provided invaluable support to me and my co-founders in a new business venture at PerformHQ. Karen has worked with us to sharpen our mission and vision and to provide greater clarity in our thinking. Her style is always collaborative and I value her ability to get to the crux of an issue and navigate everyone to a solution. Her energy and positivity make her someone I would always want in my team" Mark Cox Co Founder of PerformHQ 

"Karen is a highly driven, highly personable high achiever and has a rare ability to see practical solutions in complex situations. Great to work with someone so passionate about the business and the people who make it real" Richard Houlton Marketing & Digital Director

"Karen is absolute powerhouse of a human!! Inspirational, grounded and full of knowledge. Awesome person, if you’ve not worked with Karen, you need to start now" Kayleigh Fazan Founder The International Retail Academy

"I had the pleasure of working for Karen at Clarks where she quickly became an amazing mentor and friend. Karen has a knack of just understanding people, what makes them tick and can quickly bring out the very best in you, I often felt she knew me better than I knew myself! All of this, along with being an inspiring leader, means Karen is the first person I reach out to for my personal development, she listens intently and asks probing questions, not always giving away the answers so that I can get to them myself. I recommend Karen without hesitation to anyone looking to develop themselves, both at work and personally, Karen will certainly help you reach your career goals and be your biggest cheerleader all the way!" Alison Baker Store Support Specialist 

"I had the pleasure of working with Karen, whilst operating as a consultant for performance improvement agency, River. Karen had a very clear view of what was needed to improve performance and drive the Clarks strategy. River helped bring this to life through a digital solution that included engaging employees with communications, knowledge reinforcement, tactical sales incentives and rewards, measured through a balanced scorecard. We built up a trusting partnership with Karen and her team and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Karen again. A strong leader who guides by example, is knowledgable and constantly looking for ways to develop others and continually drive positive change" Diana Hulme 

"Karen and I worked closely together for a year on the Rotaready implementation at Picsolve. Karen is an outstanding leader, has infectious enthusiasm, is personable and quickly built great and lasting relationships with the internal and external project team. She's driven, highly effective in making change stick and was instrumental in the successful delivery of the project. Her diligence and eye for detail contribute to her first class project management. All of us at Rotaready very much hope to have the chance to work with Karen again" Jamie Harvey - Co Founder - Rotaready

"I can't recommend Karen highly enough. As a coach, she quickly understood my personality, my skills and my shortcomings! She is intuitive and direct so there's no messing around, when time and money are tight she was able to get to the nub of any problems really quickly. As a result of working with Karen I am able to see "the wood for the trees" and have been able to work through some personal as well as professional issues with quite dramatic effect! I am looking forward to working with Karen in the future as I see this relationship as time and money well spent. I'd recommend her work to anyone on your team, regardless of level or experience. Sue Davison (Educator / Director of Foundation Futures"

"Karen is an inspiring and talented leader whom I had the pleasure of working with. From implementing change intuitives and taking projects from concept to resolution, she is a person whom will get a project completed. Determined, driven and a pleasure to work with" Kirsty Neal Client Director

"Karen puts the person first to build great relationships with her team, colleagues, peers and stakeholders. She genuinely cares about people and clearly takes real pride in what she delivers. Karen has an ability to see the true cause of a problem and aid it's solving by creating a step by step plan that is efficient and effective to get the solution in action. In her role in a complex project that was a major progressive step for the company we worked in together, Karen led the implementation team from action planning to gain Board buy in and sign off, to the teams in stores having to drive the operational change. Karen is tenacious, passionate about what she does in every respect and delivers, all the while being genuinely personable. Karen is an asset to any business, team or individual looking for someone to trust in to help them move forwards" Tory Offord

"I have just finished working with Karen on a key conference project for 700 people over 3 days at the NEC Birmingham and she is simply the best Project Director I have worked with. She makes decisions easy, takes ownership and accountability and just gets the job done. The event was hugely successful and I can't wait to work with her again" Jane Hill Director of Fundraising

"As a Coach Karen has excelled in understanding my needs and what I needed to improve for me to further develop my career goals and personal development. In our 1st session alone Karen would ask probing questions to get me to give her the answers. Her technique and style made me feel so comfortable, it was like talking to someone I had known for years. What I really found useful was Karen would give me an overview of the session towards the end highlighting the key points, what I had said, our key discussions, and also the work I needed to do to help myself further. Having worked with Karen I now have a clear understanding of what I need to do to reach the next level in my career and how I can become an executive leader. I couldn’t recommend Karen highly enough" Jason Ede - Retail Director

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