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 FAQs about working with Delivering Differently;
leadership, strategic planning and coaching & mentoring

Q   Which sectors have you worked in?

A   In my corporate life mostly private and private equity. As a consultant with SMEs in varying areas; retail, 3rd sector, healthcare, digital, accountancy & R&D tax practices. Most businesses have similarities and I am able to fully adapt and understand the specifics of your organisation easily.

Q   What is your experience?

A   I am a very experienced business leader spanning 30+ years at director and in senior management roles, my passion for inspiring individuals and teams whilst managing strategy and optimising performance is truly global having operated in UK, EU, Asia and USA. 

Q   What type of projects to you usually work on?

A    Strategic planning and implementation projects that connect people and personal or team growth. I enjoy supporting and getting Exec Teams/Boards to operate efficiently particularly in times of change. That might be a merger or an acquisition, it could be a change in leader or focus and a strategy is required to glue the organisation and people together. Identifying the opportunities, the requirements and a strategy with tactical plans to enable the teams/individuals to operate to maximum benefit whilst creating a supportive culture with honesty and feedback. Phone me to discuss, first 30 mins is a free discovery call!

Q   What company sizes have you worked with?

A    I have operated within businesses from £3bn to 100K. Size and scale is not a factor for us working together, establishing your requirements and if I am the right consultant is more important. When my work is finished with your business you will be able to measure the ROI and ROE easily. I don't stick around longer than I need to!

Q    How and when would I pay for your services?

A     I invoice on the last working day of each month and I work within a 30 day payment schedule. We can either set up pay as you go and charge for the hours completed or a retainer for a period of time - whatever works best for you. Packages are available and can be bespoked to suit your business needs.

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