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Roles and responsibilities

The importance of roles and clearly defined responsibilities within a company

Do you perform better when you have clarity of expectations and responsibilities in your role? Are you able to give more of your strengths to your line manager? Do you support the business strategy better when the organisation takes the time to explain the key principles?

The importance of an individual understanding their role, the responsibilities and decision-making capability with how they should work together in a team/s is key to business performance and personal satisfaction!

How many members of your team fully understand their role and what you expect? 8 out of 10? 9 out of 10? What about the 1 or 2 that don’t? Is that you?

In my experience a growing business will often expand quicker than the organisation structure. A need is identified, recruitment takes place, costs rise and the complexity is created. Team members are now overlapping in their roles, new recruits find it difficult to establish a strong footing and existing employees revert to the old ways, as this is easier!

How can you set about making improvements?

  1. Conduct a full review of all people in your company – include workload, responsibilities and job titles inc Managers and Directors

  2. What is the strategy for the next 12 – 36 months inc growth opportunities and forecasts

  3. Consider spans of leadership control – how many people report to one person? Can all appraisals and 1:1’s be conducted effectively for each employee alongside the other leadership responsibilities and duties?

  4. Do all roles have a job description with clearly laid out accountabilities and required outputs

Areas to consider after the review

  • Create clear distinction in teams regarding workload, accountabilities and decision-makers

  • Do the existing team fully understand the strategic direction & goals of the company?

  • Are changes required internally to create a positive change in roles, workload balance and leadership?

  • What roles are required and when to make your business future focused and strategic?

Do you know what is required of you in your role? Please share how the clarity of expectation in your company is communicated? Your thoughts and shares will help others.

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