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Resilient leadership

What is the meaning of resilience: the ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions! We can all do with resilience now. With the current situation (COVID 19) and the changes to our working environments and the economy, it is a strong requirement for leaders to demonstrate resilient leadership to support a team and business for the future.

Resilient leaders see issues or failures as a bump in the road, an opportunity to learn and identify positives and progress to make change. They focus on energy and finding solutions to keep moving forward – this might be at a slower pace but always steady and moving forward, with a clear focus on the big picture or strategy, challenging assumptions and checking progress by involving others. This leads us and our teams to success ensuring each person understands the role they play and how testing new ideas is essential everyday however critical in difficult times. Strategic communication is vital – direction of travel, learning's and success should be shared regularly.

As a resilient leader “who I am” is important. I will be seen demonstrating an awareness of myself, others and the environment with a strong leadership presence of authenticity; being here to serve the team (not for the glory!) As a resilient leader, how I behave - “What I do” is equally important, I should demonstrate clarity of direction, a determination of strategic intent and a focus to unify the team with creative and robust decision making.

You may recognise yourself in one of the following scenario’s or your team might see you in these styles when under pressure, an opportunity to reflect?

  1. Business leader – currently developing yourself and working to improve your style and the culture of the organisation: then COVID 19 hits your business! These difficult times have reverted your style to old habits and a place of comfort – management!

  2. A manager with a very traditional style who is very instructional in approach with the team, you may not know there are other ways of managing and would like to move to a leader of the business/team and operate differently

  3. An experienced leader continues to involve the team however now moved focus on the day to day operation and existence of the business. May require support to discuss confidentially the strategy and required changes. A key element maybe how to communicate the future changes positively

  4. More than one manager and decisions being made independently which affect the broader team creating feelings of anxiety and uncertainty, often this is seen as one of the managers trying to take control. The team become stressed and lose confidence by not focusing on the future

There are many other scenario’s and with the experience at Delivering Differently we can help you steady the ship, develop your leadership style and prepare for the new normal.

Delivering Differently can help you make changes where required and support your personal development during this time even if you are furloughed! The government are actively encouraging self-development even though you are unable to complete work tasks.

Arrange a 30 min free discovery call with Delivering Differently 

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