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Leading from home

During these unprecedented times, your team could be feeling quite isolated from friends and family but also their work colleagues. Team members are often more engaged in their work when they work in a close team but also have strong friendship bonds in the workplace, this could be having an increased negative effect!

Is your leadership style developed to give the best to your team in all situations? Have you continued and increased the contact in the last month? Have you maintained the priority of completing regular 1-1 sessions with your team? Do you listen effectively, do you communicate in a style that is supportive, collaborative and challenging to grow the team while they aren’t working face to face?

Top Tips

  1. Manage your time expertly – create time in your diary to complete top tips number 2 – 5!

  2. Create a great experience for your team by focusing on their achievements, successes and outcomes by holding regular 1-1’s with them

  3. Praise and recognise using virtual team meetings. social media internally and externally, newsletters and group chats.

  4. Encourage the team to collaborate without the leader and present ideas, solutions and recommendations for action

  5. Support their need to problem solve and own the issue – create a culture of trust and openness that can continue when the team are face to face once more


We can use this opportunity to change how we want the future to be or stay the same – too many managers complain of not enough time to change their ways of working – are you able to use this time for the better?

Delivering Differently: we can support you in the changes you wish to make but feel uncertain on the next steps – set up a free 30-minute discovery call and see how you can develop during this time.

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