Karen Williamson
Transforming professional businesses to deliver scalable growth and profit.

Delivering Differently




  • Strategic growth

  • 5 phase approach to strategy

  • Organisation transformation strategic planning

  • Exec Team support; design, deliver and cascade

  • Bespoke planning tools and consulting

  • Roadmap planning and integration

  • Action and tactical planning, KPI's and framework recommendations

Leadership &

Team development


  • Senior leaders and exec level leadership development

  • Managing people and performance

  • Diagnostic review of individuals and teams

  • Competency framework and development

  • Focussing on performance improvement

  • Developing future thinking and operational improvement




  • Board and Exec Team; assessing board effectiveness and phycological safety -  dynamics, composition and governance

  • Team effectiveness and wellbeing within the team

  • Organisational design

  • People agenda

  • People 1st behaviours 

  • Coaching and mentoring


My mission is to elevate the knowledge and skill of business leaders to implement strategic direction that focusses on business improvement and scalable growth.

I aim to support and deliver a people centered culture to enable an organisation to transform with people achieving their personal potential by creating bespoke solutions together.


Delivering Differently should be your first choice consultant if your 

business is looking to create an actionable strategy that puts

people first to implement change and

create scalable business growth.

Karen genuinely cares about people and clearly takes real pride in what she delivers. Karen has an ability to see the true cause of a problem and aid it's solving by creating a step by step plan that is efficient and effective to get the solution in action - Tory Offord