Where is your people plan?

You have a business plan but do you have a people plan?

What are the costs to your business of not planning people for the future?

· Higher labour turnover

· Increased recruitment costs

· Culture of your company

A plan to consider the development and learning of your team, a succession plan and broadening the knowledge and skills of each person in your team is crucial to ongoing success! Even those members of your team who are not driven by a career want to learn new things in their current role and will always be striving to do a better job.

Top tips for a basic people plan

1. Job description for everyone! Be clear about the role, their accountabilities and the results or outputs you are looking for.

2. A succession plan – what is the next role for each person in your team?

3. What development or learning is required to attain that position, what is the knowledge or skill gap?

4. Regular reviews that are a priority to the management team – this demonstrates team importance!

5. Create a feedback culture – share regularly your praise and recognition however it is just as important to share where the team can improve.

Delivering Differently can help if you get a little stuck. The attached article gives a broader view of the longer-term actions that may be required in a larger organisation

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