There are things we don't know we don't know

There are things we don't know we don't know Donald Rumsfeld.

When life throws you a curve ball it can be difficult to sift through what we know and make decisions about what is unknown! I found myself in this situation in Sept 19, I had an outline of my work priorities and what was important to me, I knew I wanted to be self-employed and I knew what I was good at – having some great people around me to help piece it all together helped me to create Delivering Differently. These wonderful people know who they are and for that I am truly grateful.

At these times, a blend of mentoring and coaching can really help. I found this supported my thinking and creativity, I needed someone who could offer help, suggestions and ideas so I had a starting point in understanding how to make it all work but also knew when to let me take the lead and make my own decisions.

I offer a free consultation if you think this would help you – give me a call

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