Sharing feedback

Why is feedback important?

In people focused companies, feedback is a cornerstone of the culture, this allows everyone to feel valued and that their opinion counts every day. Kind of important I would say, would you?

Feedback not only improves a person’s capability but also their personal awareness and behaviours at work. When a feedback culture is evident you will hear the team giving each other feedback in an adhoc situation but also willingly, it is seen as supportive and caring. Feedback sessions are a great opportunity to recognise and reward the great work of an individual or team and to share collectively where further improvements can be made.

There are many simple methods for giving feedback, a quick google search will give you many. My personal favourite is YOU, ME, AGREE. Easy to use and adopt and the individual always shares their feedback first giving them a wonderful opportunity to share their thoughts and to be in control of the actions they see will help progress.


Always remember “public recognition, private criticism”

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