Reflect, re-think and re-focus

All-round resilience has certainly been a requirement recently!

If you have found your business needing to change direction during these strange and challenging times, you are most certainly not on your own!

At the start of the changes in spring 2020 many business owners hoped that after a few short weeks everything would go back to normal and time was spent understanding the support available and hours of applying for funding. During the many weeks thereafter a period of reflection may have occurred with many questions being asked of how they operate inc what is the longer-term strategy of the business and a re-think for progressing in these crazy times to stay afloat. With cashflow disappearing by the day and available resources depleted – it might be time for you to challenge the planned direction of your business

Is it time to?

· Reflect

· Re-think

· Re-focus

If you get a bit stuck on asking yourself the tough questions and need to pivot your business, give me a call 07824 546003

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