Has your expertise left the building?

Have tasks fallen into a black hole due to redundancies?

Are you only now finding out all the extra little things your great people completed without you knowing? Difficult times when people are made redundant or leave on so many levels.

Top tips for getting through the first 30 days without that expertise

· Arrange a team gathering either virtual or face to face (with social distancing)

· Talk to the team about why the roles were made redundant – clarity is required and be honest and concise

· Discuss the roles one by one that have been lost – identify the impact on other roles if this work is left in the black hole

· Invariably there will be elements of work that now need sit in another role – ask the team how they can help and support.

· Give them time to consider and reflect – expectations of immediate solutions are to great when they have lost team members and maybe a best friend

· Consider the impact on the team when significant changes have been made

Delivering Differently can support these changes and I am very happy to arrange a free call to discuss your changes, the impact and my top tips and how they might help you and the remaining team.

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