Furloughed and Fearful?

Are you facing a possible redundancy situation?

When I read headlines “expect a tsunami of job losses” and “we can expect up to 40% of those still furloughed to be made redundant” this gives me great concern and thoughts as to how I can help!

Do you want help to prepare for the future? Maybe discuss some options or the opportunity to talk about how you might want to pivot your career, set up your own business or find a new role now with a great CV? I can help you identify your strengths and how to find more enjoyment in the working day. Maybe you need some top tips on how to create a personal brand or use social channels to grow a network or perhaps its just a good boost of confidence.

I offer a free 30-minute discovery call as to how I might be able to help you. Send me a message and we can get some time booked in the diary to discuss a way forward. It is disheartening doing this on your own, you don’t have to!

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