Change is personal

There are always many reasons for change in our lives however whatever the reason is, it is always personal! The change can be initiated in our personal and professional lives however how change affects the individual it is always personal. As leaders it is our role to ensure that the individuals can understand the requirement for change and the benefits that may be associated but also where change overlaps; how do they all connect?

How can you lead change?


1. Talk to your team. Understand all the changes they are feeling and the personal impact

2. Provide support and motivation to your team to embrace the change – make time to talk!

3. Explain the required changes and benefits – find a way to unlock the resistance to the changes by keeping the team involved, create partnerships

4. Inspire your team with great leadership

5. Communicate change progress regularly, be honest and share the hiccups

During this time of significant change, many businesses will have taken the time to reflect and

re-think – now is the time to re-focus! Change can be scary for everyone in the organisation inc those at the top however with a strong focus on people, planning and communication change can be initiated and effective

How do you manage change? What top tips can you share?

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