Buying a Fitbit doesn’t make you fit!

Buying technology without understanding the goal or the required behavioural change does not enable success!

Today I “earned” my Africa badge – I have now walked the length of Africa, however has it delivered my goal? My Fitbit was purchased to track my steps and activity and I guess I hoped this information would make me more active. Small goal achieved. Is it the right device if the greater goal is something different? Should I have bought a device or technology that could focus my mind on the bigger picture? The answer in my case is yes – as my fitness has improved, my goals have changed and the information I need while training has also changed. Short term and cheaper small wins don’t always deliver the big goal and in the long-term and can cost us more in time, effort and money.

Dedicated time and a focused approach to goal setting is important, understanding all options and asking questions to fully consider any planning, steps to achieve and support for delivery will save resource and improve efficiency in the longer-term

I offer a free introductory 30 min session, give me a call and let’s see if we can find your greater goal? Happy to share my top tips for setting goals

5 Top Tips for goal setting

1. Be clear with WHY you are setting the goal

2. Discuss your why with someone who will challenge your thinking and encourage you to consider different or new options (even if they take more time, money or resource)

3. Make a step by step plan to success with timescales (SMART goals)

4. Review and reflect regularly and never be afraid to adapt and change

5. Progress is just as important as the result! Log your progress on your plan

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