Business Change to Improve Performance


Why does change impact performance? How should change be managed? What are the benefits of planning change collaboratively?


Change can really challenge a team and individuals at the highest level, it is not plain sailing when you are a senior leader but often essential! The key to strategic change is clear effective communication, detailed planning and winning the hearts and minds of the people involved in the change. Without this – it feels like you are pushing treacle up a hill! Change can be viewed as negative, when this happens it will impact day to day performance for many, strategic change never becomes the norm and quite often people will revert to the original ways of working.


Starting any change with an understanding of the people involved, the proposed impact, level of change required and who it affects are great places to start. Getting key people involved in the design and planning will support the change in weeks to come and with the right behavioural attitude and skills in a team, change will be adopted and continuous improvement is a key output for the future.

Day to day change can be effective for the business to improve processes and procedures to create time efficient team work and by implementing the change positively it will grow personal and team performance.

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